Yoga time with Miriam at ASY
Yoga time with Miriam at ASY

Yoga time with Miriam at ASY

Your online space for holistic and empowering yoga practices

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Empowering you to live a joyful life, one yoga practice at a time

Develop strength, flexibility and mental clarity. Get inspired in your yoga practice with beautiful asana classes, guided meditations and insights into the yoga philosophy.

Practice under the guidance of Miriam Indries, yoga teacher trainings creator & lead yoga teacher at Aegialis school of Yoga; Yoga Journal contributor, featured on the Om Yoga Magazine cover and double nominee for the OM YOGA AWARDS as Favourite Yoga teacher trainer & Favourite yoga teacher.


Yoga & life with Miriam at ASY PODCAST

Yoga & life with Miriam at ASY PODCAST

Our podcast series where Miriam discusses Yoga philosophy, life and different holistic practices for a harmonious and balanced life. Feel inspired to live a peaceful, purposeful and joyful lifestyle.

Why choose Yoga time with Miriam at ASY?

Why choose Yoga time with Miriam at ASY?

We provide a complete approach for your yoga practice, including a large library of asana classes, guided meditations, short yoga philosophy video series, yoga tutorials and an inspirational podcast. Every practice will inspire you to create harmony in your life, to feel good, develop strength, flexibility and feel free in your mind and body.

Miriam is known for her intuitive teaching and philosophy focused approach. With many years of studying the yoga philosophy and Ayurveda, the sister science of yoga, and thousands of hours teaching yoga teacher trainings, Miriam brings the yoga philosophy on the mat in a relatable, inspirational and transformational way.

Take your practice with you wherever you are!

Commit to your daily practice! Available to you anywhere, anytime streaming on any device.

Student reviews

Emma, Scotland

Miriam is a fantastic teacher with deep knowledge about yoga, the yoga philosophy and a yogic lifestyle which she teaches in such a passionate and yet gentle manner that's easy to understand and makes you curious to always learn more.

Claire, France

I am eternally grateful to Miriam, the primary teacher, I learned so much from her. She is truly amazing ! Thanks to her I learned so much more about yoga but also about myself.

Laura, Germany

Miriam is really great and manages to exemplify the yoga philosophy and at the same time to be firmly anchored in the "modern" world. A very inspiring person!

Sophie, H

Miriam knows so much, Thank you for everything

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Our mission

Our mission

We love and believe in the wisdom of the yoga practice wholeheartedly. At Ayoga with Miriam, we invite you to explore, develop and commit to your practice with us online. Our mission is to share the philosophy and practices of yoga as a light to inspire your every day towards your wellbeing and living more joyfully. And coming together as a supportive international online yoga and wellness community. 

With years of experience in leading yoga teacher trainings, and over 600 graduates so far teaching all over the world, we are here to share the practice with you all.

What we offer

What we offer

  • A large library of empowering and holistic yoga practices for every level

  • New videos uploaded weekly

  • Short yoga philosophy video series lectures

  • Guided meditations

  • An inspirational podcast 

  • Yoga tutorials

  • Exclusive discounts for all ASY yoga teacher trainings and workshops

  • Free ebooks and educational yoga content

Be part of a supportive international yoga community